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Amileader: quick start of business on the Web

Amileader - a quick solution for business


Amileader: quick start of business on the Web

How to help an off-line business promote quickly and economically online? The advertising company Amillidius has found the answer to this question. It developed the system Amileader’ that works equally efficiently in any industry. Bill Gates’ prophecy is coming true: in the WFH times, if you are not on the Internet, you are indeed out of business. As a result of the quarantine events, over 30% of the companies went bankrupt globally, and the major blow suffered small and medium-size off-line business. On the other hand, those running businesses on the Web remained afloat and, in some cases, even increased their profits. With Amileader, there is no reason to worry about lockdowns or quarantines – you will always make money.

Stable income in the Web with Amileader

Amileader - a comprehensive technology

Taking a business to the Internet is a responsible and complex task. To achieve the results, it takes well-coordinated work of different specialists. When attempting to handle everything by themselves, many companies fail. The team of the advertising company Amillidius has many times promoted businesses on the Web for various customers. It tested different approaches while developing a flawless technology. Amileader is a universal system, based on the unique experience of problem-solving and coping with challenges and non-standard situations. Amileader is the programmed success of the business on the Web.

Without Amileader, it will take you twice the time and far more money to get the results, as you will have to deal with all the challenges on your own, while the Amillidius experts have off-the-shelf algorithms for any challenge. It is a one-of-a-kind system, a product of the joint work of many professionals. With the help of Amileader, the team can take any business to the Web, while saving time and money for their customers.

Amileader works well in any industry

No matter what you sell off-line, you can sell it online. The Internet is not a specific niche – today, it is an ultimate reflection of our reality, and Google is a search engine of general use. Amileader interacts directly with Google to “teach” it to promote a business on the Internet. A brand, presented on Google in a beneficial light, always looks credible. Customers, partners, and contractors will opt for someone they know, rather than for no-names, unknown to Google. The position on the first page of the search engine is a factor that has a direct influence on sales.

Amileader ensures success in any industry

Amileader is not just information about a business on Google; it is the information that sells a brand or product. To achieve the desired result, it takes efforts of different specialists: marketing experts, copywriters, SEO specialists, designers, and many others. All of them work under the umbrella of Amillidius as a powerful and well-coordinated team. Moreover, the company reached an agreement with many international web-sites and services to ensure the stable work of Amileader.

Amileader in a standard trim comprises ten articles, presenting a brand from various but always positive sides. These articles are written strictly in line with marketing rules and requirements of Google search engine. They are published on the international partner sites and rank high in the Google top thanks to the efforts of the SEO experts. Top ten articles is not a final result but a necessary minimum. It is a launching platform for successful online trading, boosted by Amileader.

Why does the Amileader system work?

Operating principles of Amileader

When business is set up according to the Amileader system, everyone, who googles the company’s name, can see the purchase-stimulating information among the top results. Following the links, they find the answers to all their questions concerning the company or product and learn many more things they didn’t think about before. All these pieces shape the trust and desire to become a customer. The more correctly presented information the first Google page has, the more a prospective customer inclines to trust the company. It’s not only a quality text that matters but also photo and video materials. Trust for a brand is only possible if the brand is famous. For any online business, recognition is a foundation to build it all. As long as the brand is unknown, it is not trusted – advertising doesn’t work here. Context ads, partner platforms, targeting, video, and exterior advertising are merely the ways to blow your budget if there is no trust in the brand. Thanks to Amileader, the target audience will trust your brand.

Do you want to “conquer” the Web for your business and become independent from any off-line crises? You need to launch a new product or drum up your brand, but don’t have a clue where to start? Amileader technology is an answer to these questions.

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