‘A democratic vote swayed by lies is not democracy’—Mary Beard on what antiquity can teach us about political spin

Boris Johnson (left) and Emperor Nero (right) The world may be gaping in astonishment at the mess the UK is making with Brexit, but in the arts it can still hack it. Nearly half of this week’s Emmy awards went… Continue Reading →

Bogotá’s Artbo closes its 15th edition on a vigilant note

Vernissage at Artbo 2019 © Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá The International Art Fair of Bogotá (Artbo) closed its 15th edition on Sunday 22 September to mixed results. This edition was held one month earlier than in previous years due… Continue Reading →

Beyond the Metaphysical: Milan show aims to reassess Giorgio de Chirico’s late period

Metaphysical matador: De Chirico’s Self-Portrait in Torero Costume (1941-42) © G. de Chirico by SIAE “And what shall I love if not the enigma?” goes the inscription in Latin across the base of Giorgio de Chirico’s melancholic 1911 self-portrait. Hailed… Continue Reading →

This could be the first Cimabue painting to be sold at auction in recent times

Patterns of worm holes in the poplar panel suggest this painting is the missing part of a polyptych by the Florentine artist Courtesy of Actéon and Eric Turquin His is the first biography in Vasari’s Lives of the Artists and… Continue Reading →

Experts fear California’s gig economy law may hit culture workers

Uber and Lyft drivers protest over wages outside of Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File With California’s gig economy bill expected to become law, Uber and Lyft executives are worried that the business model of ride-sharing companies… Continue Reading →

‘The most beautiful female bust’ brought back to life with vivid colour

From left, The Beauty of Palmyra today, with reconstituted elements, and in the final stage of digital reconstruction Tahnee L. Cracchio/Ben Goddard/Cecilie Brøns/Lars Hummelshøj Harald Ingholt, a Danish archaeologist, was on his third campaign of excavations at Palmyra, in present-day… Continue Reading →

Art history professor Gary Xu Gang accused of sexual assault and rape by two former students

Gary Xu Gang was allowed to resign from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in August 2018 with a $10,000 bonus Photo: Shenzhen Biennale Two former students of Gary Xu Gang, a one-time art history professor at the University of Illinois… Continue Reading →

Olafur Eliasson appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador for climate

Olafur Eliasson will be advocating urgent action on climate change Photo: Brigitte Lacombe, 2016 © 2016 Olafur Eliasson The United Nations Development Programme has appointed the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson as a Goodwill Ambassador to advocate for urgent action on… Continue Reading →

Internet supremo Tim Berners-Lee’s arty epiphany

Sir Tim Berners-Lee at the NGX launch © The National Gallery, London Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, recently revealed a revelatory moment, more than 25 years ago, when he grasped how the web would change our perception of… Continue Reading →

Rozzers and Rastas: Denzil Forrester unveils Brixton underground station commission

Denzil Forrester, Brixton Blue, 2018. Commissioned by Art on the Underground © Denzil Forrester. Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. Photo by Angus Mill This morning saw the unveiling of a large-scale new commission by the Grenada-born… Continue Reading →

Where to Find News about Modern Art?

Modern art intrigue people, because it is not easy to understand. Unprepared viewers are curious about meaningful pictures, which include lots of small details, difficult techniques, and vivid colors. Keep it in mind and find the answers in thematic magazines.  

Interesting art articles can be found in separate online sections of popular newsmakers like BBC or CNN. If you are looking for a specific magazine, then put your attention to the following ones:

  1.    The respected British art history magazine Frieze has been analyzing all aspects of the contemporary art existence since the early 1990s. This printing largely represents the interests of art news in UK.
  2.    Blend, the magazine which chooses the most non-broken topics for visual art articles that are relevant but not repetitive with the themes of other similar publications. It usually has portfolios of artists, printed in excellent quality.
  3.    Art in America, the monthly American magazine, has been published since the 1910s. In its field of view are current American and European artists exhibited in galleries. The magazine is written in a lively, non-dull language and publishes art news alongside with important announcements.
  4.    Another respected American art magazine, ArtForum, has been published since the 1960s and focuses on visual art news and authorial opinions of famous journalists and historians. ArtForum teaches to talk about art and selects non-obvious heroes for viewing.
  5.    Exit Magazine is published since 2000 and reviews art world news about current artists and photographers and photo shoots from the fashion industry` legends. Young authors and those who can become their heroes are in the main focus of Exit.

New ideas have become a real driving force of any progress. Creativity and innovations which entered the Internet became more in demand as a way of thinking and activity. These trends can be traced in popular blogs, where you can learn about art news. Perhaps the most intense blogs to read are aesthetic Haw-Lin, super popular We Heart It, wildly It’s Nice That, designer Boing Boing and giving food for thought NOWNESS.

Contemporary art is a big part of global culture. Today’s world is very complex, overflowing with meanings and information. Therefore, the artists are looking for new forms that can attract an elusive viewer’s gaze, hold it up, shock and deliver the message.

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