To launch your own business, to increase your income, to have a decent standard of living and not to depend on your employer or the economic and political situation in the country… at first sight it sounds like a miracle… But Elena Yakubovskaya, a business expert in finance, has proven by her own experience that such a business exists and, moreover, it is open to everyone. Foreign exchange or self-trading has already become the main source of income for many people and has changed their life for the better.

Elena Yakubovskaya is a business expert with whom it is easy to start making money!

Elena Yakubovskaya leader of the Stock Technologies Centre in Lvov

“People contact me with many questions and concerns every day”, says Elena Yakubovskaya, the head of the Lvov branch of the Stock Technologies Centre Group of Companies. “Where do I start? Do I have to obtain a special economics or finance degree? Do I need much money to start?”. “Actually, it is much easier to start self-trading than it seems! The first step is to sign up for the professional training program “CBT Belastium”. With my professional help, you will master the analysis of prices for currency, gold, oil, shares and cryptocurrency. But it won’t take you 5 years of education. It is just a two-week practical course, after which you will be able to start earning! My clients understand what freedom of choice means. It’s up to you to choose the place for earning, the time for trading and rest, the type of currency and shares, etc. Business on the stock market gives you a free rein. It is in its own league, because if you have a laptop, tablet or phone with internet access, you can trade from anywhere in the world”. But, like any other business, self-trading has its own rules, and you can explore them with Elena Yakubovskaya, the financier and investment analyst with an outstanding reputation.

Elena Yakubovskaya: The business expert advises you to take responsibility!

The vast majority of people strive for higher income to live comfortably and to be able to give the best to their loved ones. However, not everyone is ready to take responsibility. There are too many excuses: I have no time, no money, no skills…etc. You can’t change your life without making the first steps and taking action! That is why Elena Yakubovskaya, a financier and a successful self-trader, helps her clients to launch their businesses where they manage their own capital, make decisions on a daily basis and enjoy the results. They achieve their financial goals, their dreams of traveling, owning their own home, obtaining an education and many other wishes.

Elena Yakubovskaya, a business expert in finance

Creating a proper initial investment plan, choosing the right strategy and tactics for trading, taking into account the client’s personality and the size of the first deposit, is the day-to-day work performed by Elena Yakubovskaya. The business expert is sure that self-trading is available to everyone. However, it is the lack of expert practitioners and education on investment in Ukraine that has caused just 3% of the population to understand how to make money on the exchange rate of currencies, shares or precious metals.Under Elena Yakubovskaya’s leadership the Stock Technologies Centre in Lvov has set a goal to teach everyone how to run a profitable business on the world stock exchanges and raise the living standard of people from completely different industries. Visit Elena Yakubovskaya’s personal website and make sure that you can make money in financial markets!