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Alina Konoplya: The Journey to Beauty with “Women Beauty Club”



Alina Konoplya: The Journey to Beauty with “Women Beauty Club”

In the world of beauty and self-care, where competition reaches its peak and innovations redefine perceptions of routine procedures, there are individuals whose passion and dedication to their craft create not just a business, but a true temple of beauty. One such remarkable person is Alina Konoplya — the founder of “Women Beauty Club” salons, who has not only realized her dream but also introduced innovative approaches to aesthetic cosmetology and body care. In this article, we’ll talk with Alina about her journey, challenges, innovations in the world of cosmetology, and how she and her team maintain a high level of client satisfaction in each of their salons.

Alina, could you please share the story behind the creation of your business “Women Beauty Club”? How did the idea to open an aesthetic cosmetology and laser hair removal studio come about?

Certainly, I’m happy to share the story of creating my business, “Women Beauty Club.” It all began with my passion for aesthetic cosmetology and the desire to make beauty services more accessible in my hometown in the Luhansk region. At the time I started, the beauty industry in our area was not very developed, and like many of my acquaintances, I had to travel to Luhansk for such services.

However, over time, when Luhansk became occupied, this became impossible. That’s when the idea of creating my studio emerged, one that would provide high-quality laser hair removal and aesthetic cosmetology services right here. It wasn’t just about avoiding long trips but also about making these services more accessible to the local community.

In 2018, I opened my first studio. Initially, we specialized in laser hair removal, but we quickly realized that our clients needed a broader range of services. So we began to offer hardware and aesthetic cosmetology, expanding our price list and giving clients more opportunities to take care of themselves according to the latest beauty standards.


Your approach to cosmetology and hair removal includes unique methods such as endospheres for the body and face. How did you decide to incorporate this procedure into the services of your salon?

One of the key principles of my approach is to test new procedures on myself before introducing them in the salon, to ensure their effectiveness and safety for our clients.

Endosphere therapy became one of such innovative services we introduced after thorough analysis and personal testing. This technique utilizes compression and vibration to contour the body and improve skin condition, making it an effective solution not only for athletes but also for a wide range of our salon’s clients. Thanks to its non-traumatic nature and comfort, endosphere therapy quickly gained popularity among our clients.

We strive not only to follow contemporary trends in cosmetology but also to actively implement innovations to meet the most demanding requests of our clients.

Tell us about the challenges your business faced at the beginning of its operation. How did you overcome them?

There is no business without challenges, and we have had our share of obstacles as well. One of the main issues was the high level of competition in Kyiv, where the market for cosmetology services is very saturated. Additionally, initial investments and attracting clients required significant efforts and resources.

We overcame these challenges through several key strategies. Firstly, we focused on maintaining detailed accounting and quality control of services. This helped us build a reputation as a reliable salon with a high level of service. Secondly, we actively analyzed the needs of our market and adapted our services to be not only competitive but also unique. Incorporating innovative procedures allowed us to stand out among competitors.


How were you able to adapt your business during the full-scale invasion? Were there any special measures taken to support clients and preserve the operation of the studios?

Adapting our business to wartime conditions required swift changes. After relocating from the Luhansk region to Kyiv, we focused on the safety of our team and clients. Some specialists were evacuated to Europe, while we created safe working conditions for others.

In Kyiv, we not only resumed services but also adapted them to the new needs of our clients. We developed special care programs and actively used social media to inform about promotions and changes in operation.

Our main goal is to provide support and care for our clients during these challenging times, demonstrating that it’s possible to remain strong and continue to care for beauty and well-being even in a crisis.

You mentioned the benefits of using micro-needle RF lifting. What main advantages of this procedure would you highlight from the perspective of client satisfaction?

Micro-needle RF lifting is a true breakthrough in the world of cosmetology, offering unparalleled skin rejuvenation. Utilizing fine micro-needles and radiofrequency energy, this procedure gently penetrates the deep layers of the skin, stimulating natural regeneration processes. It evens out the skin’s texture, making wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks less noticeable, giving the face a fresher and more youthful appearance.

This innovative method is considered the ideal solution for those seeking deep rejuvenation without a lengthy recovery period. Micro-needle RF lifting not only effectively addresses the skin’s aesthetic issues but also makes the rejuvenation process painless and comfortable.


What are the main advantages of the carbon peeling procedure that you’ve noticed for your clients?

Carbon peeling is one of the key services of our salon, “Women Beauty Club,” which enjoys great popularity among our clients thanks to its numerous advantages. This procedure is known for its ability to effectively improve skin quality without requiring downtime, making it ideal for use at any time of the year.

The main advantages of carbon peeling that I’ve noticed in working with clients include the narrowing of pores and normalization of sebaceous gland function, which leads to reduced skin oiliness and prevents acne. The procedure also promotes an even skin tone and improves its overall appearance, making the skin smoother and more radiant.

An important aspect is that carbon peeling is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t cause peeling or hyperthermia, allowing clients to return to their usual activities immediately after the session. We work only with high-quality materials from leading Israeli and Italian manufacturers, ensuring high efficacy and safety of the procedures we provide. I recommend carbon peeling as an excellent option for those looking to improve their skin condition with minimal effort and recovery time.

In your experience, which procedures are the most popular among clients at the “Women Beauty Club” and why?

In our salon, “Women Beauty Club”, some procedures are particularly popular among clients due to their high efficacy and visible results. Among them, endosphere therapy holds a special place, known for its rejuvenating and figure-correcting properties.

Another favorite service is the PRX-T33 peel, distinguished by its ability to provide a rapid rejuvenating effect without the need for a rehabilitation period. This procedure is perfect for those who want instant skin improvement, making it more radiant and smooth.

Recently, we expanded our range of services to include the “Fire and Ice” treatment, which quickly gained popularity for its deep lifting effect and ability to significantly improve skin texture. This procedure is performed once a month and has a cumulative effect, making it an ideal option for those seeking long-term results.

Traditional cosmetology, such as lip augmentation and botulinum toxin therapy, also remains highly valued among our clients. These procedures allow for desired changes in appearance with minimal effort, providing natural and expressive results.


How do you maintain a high level of client satisfaction in your salon? Are there any unique service strategies that you implement?

Our unique service strategy is based on a personalized approach to each client, taking into account their specific needs and desires. First and foremost, we pay great attention to the quality control of our services. Our team of professionals continuously works on improving their skills to ensure each procedure is performed at the highest level.

Pricing policy also plays a crucial role in ensuring client satisfaction. We love to delight our visitors with discounts and special offers, making our services more accessible.

We provide a wide range of services, including laser hair removal, aesthetic and device-based cosmetology, various types of massage such as endosphere therapy, and vacuum massage. As we plan to expand our range of services, we also pay attention to the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry, to offer our clients the most relevant and effective procedures.

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