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Arena Pharmaceuticals, Yext, IAC, and more

A medical device company should acquire this


Arena Pharmaceuticals, Yext, IAC, and more


Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “We like Arena. We’ve liked it. I know it’s speculative. It’s O.K. for a spec, as long as you’re willing to understand that this is not Merck. “

IAC/InterActiveCorp.: “I thought that was an amazing quarter. I think that company is so inexpensive, I frankly don’t even understand it. I say it’s a buy, buy, buy.”

Yext inc.: “I like Y-E-X-T … I think the stock is a buy.”

Davita Inc.: “Why didn’t you just go into Abbott Labs? I mean honestly, Davita is way too volatile for me. I don’t know. Let it rally a little … but no, we don’t want Davita.”

Chemours Co.: “From the day it was spun off I didn’t like it. It had a nice little rally, it’s come back down. I don’t like it.”

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