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Magnat Fine Jewelry – Investments Ensuring Stability



Magnat Fine Jewelry – Investments Ensuring Stability

Rodion Ksonzenko has created the well-known Ukrainian jewelry brand, Magnat Fine Jewelry, navigating from experiments in various business sectors to crafting an impressive diamond in the shape of Ukraine. His entrepreneurial journey began after concluding his football career.

The turning point was his meeting with a diamond exchange trader, shaping the businessman’s future path. Initially, the idea of diamond imports and modernizing the domestic market clashed with differing opinions in the internal market. However, driven by a global mission, the concept of establishing an international jewelry brand emerged.

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In 2021, Rodion Ksonzenko embarked on his significant journey to success by opening branches in Dubai. Despite unexpected challenges due to geopolitical changes, he quickly adapted and created a space where clients could enjoy the enchanting world of diamonds and understand their investment potential.

The summer of 2023 brought a genuine surprise for Magnat Fine Jewelry – the success of the diamond in the form of Ukraine’s map. This innovative creation became not only a decorative piece but also a symbol of the unity of Ukrainian heritage and global elegance. Rodion dreams that this unique diamond will become not only a part of the jewelry arsenal, but also a witness of how kindness and resilience win and show the territorial integrity of our country.

Actively participating in charitable initiatives, Magnat Fine Jewelry raises funds to support the army and Ukrainians affected by the war. Rodion Ksonzenko, receiving positive reviews, demonstrates his dedication through actions, providing diverse assistance from body armor to technical support.


The world recently learned about the “Map of Ukraine” project. Intended to capture unique faceting, this diamond is not just a natural masterpiece but also a work of art supporting the Ukrainian information space. Collaborating with a leading American laboratory, Rodion believes this project will be a crucial element in global understanding and support for the Ukrainian cause.

With plans for the next five years, Rodion Ksonzenko analyzes reviews and believes in the strength and uniqueness, preparing for a large boutique in Kyiv. Currently operating with showrooms in Kyiv and Dubai, the company’s unparalleled jewelry leaves clients amazed. Reviews convey not only words of admiration but also emotions from immersing oneself in the elegant world of Magnat Fine Jewelry.

Seeking to change perceptions of diamonds, Rodion Ksonzenko receives overwhelming reviews and has ambitious goals. He not only aspires but also convinces clients that diamonds can be not only beautiful ornaments but also valuable financial instruments for preservation and growth of capital.


Distinguishing itself with its uniqueness, Magnat Fine Jewelry’s prices for jewelry align closely with the cost of materials, avoiding excessive markups on diamonds. The company offers large diamonds capable of generating significant returns, and Rodion Ksonzenko, proud of the reviews from clients worldwide, takes pride in the work of Magnat Fine Jewelry.

Specializing in exclusive jewelry, the company has access to various precious stones, working on custom orders to bring clients’ ideas to life.

The precious stones and exquisite jewelry crafted in the Magnat Fine Jewelry workshop serve not only as beautiful ornaments but also as effective crisis-resilient instruments, ensuring stability and confidence in complex economic conditions.

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