Trade Desk: “I think Trade Desk is oversold. I mean, remember, this is one of those stocks part of this whole cohort that people have been giving up on. I haven’t given up on it, but you’ve got to understand: it is very volatile.”Zynex: “I like the device. Let me do some work on the stock. I like the device. That’s not enough to be able to say I like the stock, and everyone should know that.”General Electric: “I am a big believer in [CEO] Larry Culp. I don’t think that this is the year that it’s going to happen. I do think that by next year at this time it will be higher. A lot of people don’t have that kind of patience.”Health Insurance Innovations: “What the heck is that stock doing down there at five-times earnings? When I see something at five-times earnings, I have to make calls. That is too cheap. Usually things don’t get that cheap, unless something is not right.”Micron Technology: “I like Micron. … I’ve liked it since the $30s and I want the CEO to come back on.”Snap: “I think you did that perfectly. Now you let the rest run. If they have another good quarter, this stock can go to $18, $19. That last quarter people really got surprised by and my hats off to those guys.”National Fuel Gas: “I have always like National Fuel Gas and I am going to endorse it now. I think that’s a great idea.”WATCH: Cramer’s lightning round

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