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Singer Elledgy announces fresh music video for Help Me track

Singer Elledgy announces music video for Help Me track


Singer Elledgy announces fresh music video for Help Me track

All the subscribers of the producer and owner of the international company Amillidius Elvira Gavrilova, also known as the singer Elledgy, admire the short video ads on her social networks for the second day in a row. A girl in a luxurious wedding dress by the ocean is singing about disappointment in love.


The second look is more sexy, these are denim shorts and a shirt. In an interview, Elvira said that the looks for her video were not created by her personally, as it usually happens (we remind you that Elvira is a designer and has a clothing brand called NANOJY), but by the famous Portuguese designer Svetlana Buyan.



Only the first shooting day is behind, there will still be two locations, two shooting days. Elvira will not be alone in the video, actors will join her and many, many are still ahead. We are all waiting!


We remind you that Elvira Gavrilova repeatedly said in her interviews that she was not going to continue her career as a singer, but was just working on music videos to create cases, we’d like want to note, positive cases for her advertising company and further work with clients.


But our editorial staff still wants to wish Elvira success in her career as a singer. And we strongly recommend her to go on, as she does it so great!


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