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Amillidius: the creation of a brand as a result of consistent marketing

Amillidius' service - creation and promotion of the brand based on the company's know-how


Amillidius: the creation of a brand as a result of consistent marketing

Your company produces up-to-date qualitative products and offers the best price in the market. But you still trail behind the competitors who do not care much about the quality of their products and charge too much. Why? The advertising company Amillidius is sure that the most probable reason is that, unlike your competitors, you either have still not created your brand or you have promoted it ineffectively. At Amillidius, we have many times faced such a situation: our advertising company Amillidius is approached by the customers who seek leading positions in their industry and want to engage more customers and boost sales. Thanks to the savvy approach of Amillidius specialists, these tasks have successfully been solved.

Brand concept by Amillidius

Why is branding so significant for the company? How does something intangible influence something as tangible as your profit? Amillidius suggests looking at the examples of famous brands. Over 90% of people across the world instantly recognize the Coca-Cola logo and many people associate the drink with holidays or going to the cinema. Meanwhile, a millions-strong army of Apple’s fans believes that the “bitten” logo on a gadget is both a synonym of high technologies and a symbol of elitism, so they are ready to pay extra for that. Harley-Davidson bikes cost twice as much as Japanese ones but of lower quality. However, for their owners, they embody a certain lifestyle. There are many tastier fizzy drinks and better gadgets and motorcycles. But these trademarks are deeply rooted in people’s minds and generate many millions of profits for the companies. Amillidius marketing experts recommend embracing their experience.

Is your company always customer-oriented? It is a good thing, however, to succeed in business you must influence customers’ preferences and shape them, the Amillidius experts argue. And for that, you need a strong brand. “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind,” Walter Landor, the founder of one of the world’s largest branding agencies, once memorably stated. And we, the Amillidius company, cannot but agree with this. That’s why Amilliidus has been implementing this concept into reality for its customers for over 10 years.

Amillidius: a brand book – from naming and logo to influencing consumers’ minds.

At Amillidius, brand creation starts from learning the area of the company’s business activity, its peculiarities, market trends, competitive environment, and other information necessary for branding’s most important stage – the brand book creation. Amillidius is aware that a brand book is often mistaken for the guidelines on the company’s corporate style. At Amillidius, you will be explained that the visual attributes of the brand are just a part of its identification. The Brand Book addresses much more serious problems – it shapes a coherent idea of the brand inside and outside of the company: among its current and prospective staff, customers, partners, and vendors. Emphasizing the significance of this corporate document, marketing experts, including those at Amillidius, often call it “the Brand Bible”.

Amillidius – the brand book as a brand’s project plan

Amillidius CEO Bogdan Terzi compares brand creation to house construction, where a Brand Book is the project plan. It is impossible to build a solid functional house without a clear idea about its design, materials it is made of, the layout of walls and ceilings, plumbing lines, wiring and many other things. All these details are presented in the architectural design, static project, and engineering project. In the same manner, Amillidius experts start “building” the brand by figuring out its positioning, concept design, and communication strategy – major parts of the brand book. If franchising is expected, Amillidius supplies the Brand Book with the section on legal issues, as the brand should not only be recognized but also the rights for its use should be protected and the partners should comply with the brand rules.

Positioning by Amillidius – overtaking competitors

Amillidius professionals are sure that employing various marketing tools and tactics, positioning helps the company find its niche on the market, be distinct from the competitors, and shape a unique brand image in consumers’ minds. At the stage of brand book development, Amillidius shapes the brand’s ideology and its key messages.

Identica by Amillidius – the synthesis of marketing and creativity

Visual identification plays one of the leading roles in making the brand image more recognizable. Designers and creators from Amillidius seek to show the corporate identity in every element of the concept design – from the name and logo to fonts and palette. Company’s website, product package, design of offices, stores, and advertising – everything comes under one idea and common style. This is exactly what the Amillidius brand managers achieve.

The widely-recognizable fonts of Coca-Cola, never-changing colours of Google, golden arcs of McDonald’s, movement symbol of Nike, and famous Apple’s logo – the entire world unmistakeably associates them with their brands. To upgrade the visual identification of the brand is the goal Amillidius can solve for their customers.

How to get permanent residence in customers’ minds – Amillidius approach

The Amillidius team knows from A to Z that the created brand should be delivered to the audience. To do it efficiently and “set up” the consumers’ perception correctly, the Amillidius marketers develop a communication strategy.Amillidius uses the on-trend principle of multiple channels, communicating brand messages both through offline and online channels and paying ultimate attention to the latter. Brand promotion through search engines, the company’s own website, social media, messengers, and blogs are most instrumental for creating the brand’s positive reputation. It is proved by Amillidius’ practical experience.

Amillidius pricing – the resource-consuming process of working on the brand in figures

The impressive volume of work, performed by the Amillidius team while creating a brand book, and the time it takes determine the price for this service. Elvira Gavrilova, Amillidius CEO in Europe, returns the analogue of house construction. “A typical project of a one-storied cottage will cost about five thousand euro, while the exclusive project of a four-five storied building will amount for 10-20 thousand.  If we speak about high-rise construction, the price can roll over 100 thousand. The same goes for a brand book – the larger the company, the more large-scale its tasks are, the higher the price for brand book development, as the complexity of the works and their volume, just like with the house, will be much larger”.

Amillidius – we create strong brands

Every cent you spend is well worth it – Amillidius knows it for sure. The mistakes in any section of the brand book will cost much more. Trying to develop a brand book by yourself, you risk ending up with a vague brand positioning, thus inability to stand out among the competitors and winning the audience’s trust. Without guidelines, one cannot create a single brand concept and it will decrease your trandmark’s recognition manyfold. The failed communication strategy will simply gobble your advertising budget without producing any results. Many Amillidius customers found it out first hand, and it brought them to the experts working in Amillidius.

The modern market is no longer a fight between the companies in terms of offering the best price-quality combination to customers. Now it is the fight for the perfect brand image in their minds – the image that becomes a magnet for engaging the customers. And, if you care about the result, you must entrust the creation of your brand to professionals – the advertising company Amillidius. What counts most, the cooperation with Amillidius does not boil down to the theoretical part – the specialists of Amillidius, the advertising company, put all the ideas, developed here, into practice.

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