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US Congressional Panel Advances Bill to Address National Security Concerns Over TikTok



US Congressional Panel Advances Bill to Address National Security Concerns Over TikTok

A US congressional panel has taken a significant step in addressing national security concerns surrounding the popular social media app TikTok. The bill, approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee, proposes forcing TikTok’s China-based parent company, ByteDance, to sell the app within six months or risk facing a ban.

Citing links between ByteDance and the Chinese Communist Party, lawmakers argue that TikTok poses a threat to national security and free speech. The proposed legislation has received backing from the White House and is expected to go to a full House floor vote next week.

TikTok has vehemently opposed the bill, warning of its adverse effects on free speech and small businesses that rely on the app. The platform has mobilized its users, urging them to contact members of Congress to voice their opposition.

While proponents of the bill emphasize the importance of protecting national security from foreign adversary-controlled applications, critics argue that the proposed legislation infringes on First Amendment rights and targets millions of American users and businesses.

The bill represents the latest effort by American lawmakers to address concerns surrounding TikTok’s ownership and potential influence by the Chinese government. Despite the platform’s widespread popularity, its ties to China have raised alarms among policymakers, leading to calls for increased regulation and oversight.

As the debate over TikTok’s future in the US continues, the outcome of the proposed legislation remains uncertain. However, the bill’s advancement in the congressional panel signals a growing consensus among lawmakers regarding the need to address national security risks posed by foreign-owned social media platforms.

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