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Triumphant Legal Battle: Epic Games Prevails as Court Deems Google’s Market Control Unlawful

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Triumphant Legal Battle: Epic Games Prevails as Court Deems Google’s Market Control Unlawful

In a legal saga spanning three years, the developer behind Fortnite took on tech giants Apple and Google, leveling serious allegations of monopolistic practices within the realms of Google Play and the App Store.

After two hours of intense deliberation, the jury delivered a unanimous verdict, asserting that Google had unlawfully asserted dominance in the distribution of Android applications and in-app payment services. The court also highlighted an illicit connection between Google Play and Google Play Billing services, deeming the distribution agreement with game developers and the deals with OEM manufacturers as anti-competitive.

Expressing their intent to appeal, Google’s Vice President of Public Policy, Wilson White, maintained that the legal proceedings underscored Google’s robust competition with Apple. He emphasized the rivalry between App Store and the app stores found on Android devices and gaming consoles.

Epic Games, characterizing the decision as a victory for software developers and consumers alike, underscored the illicit nature of Google’s app store practices. They pointed to abusive monopolistic behavior, resulting in exorbitant commissions, stifled competition, and hindered innovation.

This landmark victory contrasts with Epic Games’ legal battle with Apple two years ago, which centered around secretive revenue-sharing agreements involving Google, smartphone manufacturers, and major game developers. These agreements were designed to curtail competitive app stores.

As the court awaits a decision on legal remedies, Epic Games refrains from seeking financial compensation. Instead, they urge the court to affirm the freedom of every software developer to establish their own stores and payment systems on Android. The parties are slated to confer with the judge in the second week of January to explore potential resolutions.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney hinted at the potential for the company to amass substantial financial gains, possibly in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, should they be exempt from Google’s commission fees.

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