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Video | There’s news at The Art Newspaper

Video | There's news at The Art Newspaper


Video | There’s news at The Art Newspaper


For almost 30 years The Art Newspaper has been making sense of the rapidly growing and increasingly international art world. We don’t just write about art—our news relates to what is happening in the world at large, from politics and the economy, to developing technology and the environment.

We began, as a print newspaper, in a tiny office in Fleet Street. Now, with offices in London and New York; a network of sister papers and 50 reporters across 30 countries—we are truly global in reach.

Our first-class international network of editors, journalists and experts don’t just report the news—they break it, with exclusive stories; in-depth analysis; and agenda-setting investigations.

That’s why we believe that expert independent reporting is worth investing time and money in—and it has never been more important.

We have great support from our readers but we need to continue to grow our audience, so that our trusted brand of international art journalism can continue to flourish.

So, as of 1 May, we are launching a new app, together with a range of subscription options; so that you can read our content seamlessly across multiple platforms.

We’re also introducing a metered paywall for non-subscribers, so that everyone can sample our content for free.

This new model means that we can continue our leading journalism. But it also means you will soon be able to access our full range of content: from specialist supplements and our acclaimed daily newspapers at art fairs like Frieze and Art Basel, to a rich and accessible archive of our articles from the past three decades.

So how will it work? If you are an existing subscriber, you will automatically get a “complete” subscription, including all of our products across print and digital. All you need to do is follow the instructions you receive by email or find in your May print issue.

New subscribers can choose from a range of subscription packages: including discounted deals for students and organisations as well as a “digital only” option.

Readers who enjoy the free content on our website can continue to do so, having access to up to five online stories every month.

We believe our combination of expert, independent reporting with unrivalled in-depth knowledge and insider access is worth supporting.

In a world of increasing political upheaval, perplexing markets and fake news, The Art Newspaper will continue to bring you the real art news—and the news that really matters.


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