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12 Unconventional Hybrid Products

12 Unconventional Hybrid Products


12 Unconventional Hybrid Products


It looks like the fashion and food industries offer environments which are agreeable to hybrid product releases. This approach to manufacturing proves to be quite beneficial to businesses if done right. Capitalizing on the photo-friendly launch — an aesthetic that is key for younger demographics who build a social presence through applications like Instagram and Twitter, specialized hybrid products like ice cream bagels and the Donug are a way to capture attention.

Other launches fall into the category of the absurd, delighting consumers with a bizarre aesthetic that is often used to serve as a campaign prompt. Examples here include Aria Mcmanus’ Towelkini design, as well as ThinkGeek’s playful bean bag onesies.

Of course, the hybrid product also extends to the tech industry as researchers aim for substantial breakthroughs. This list puts the spotlight exclusively on MIT where a team of researchers creates a hybridized plant-machine system.


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