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16 Unique Social Media Capabilities

16 Unique Social Media Capabilities


16 Unique Social Media Capabilities


New social media capabilities continue to be added to many of the platforms that people use to interact with one another. These social media capabilities provide users with improved features of a specific platform. As more and more social media apps are created, there is more competition to keep people on a specific platform. This results in companies constantly changing to keep up to date.

One new social media feature is the use of AR filters. Facebook has announced it will launch open-source AR filters for its Instagram platform. Users will be able to access and add Spark AR filters to the platform. This provides users with new and customizable capabilities.

Another new social media capability is ad reporting — with Facebook launching a new ad reporting tool for UK users. The new tool will provide users more protection against potential scams.

Also highlighted are Facebook’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, titled Libra — which would allow users to transfer money without incurring fees.


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