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Accessible Malbec Wines : MalbEcho Falls

Accessible Malbec Wines : MalbEcho Falls


Accessible Malbec Wines : MalbEcho Falls


The New MalbEcho Falls from Accolade Wines Has a Premium Flavor

The MalbEcho Falls wine from Accolade Wines is the latest product from the brand that seeks to expand the brands offerings and make Malbec more accessible for consumers interested in trying it out. The wine is being introduced hot on the heels of two other new products from earlier this year — the Echo Falls Summer Berries Pink Wine and ProsEcho Falls — and will be available at convenience stores in the UK at a cost of £6. The wine features a 12.5% ABV and has a flavor profile with notes of cherries, raspberries, blackcurrants, toasted oak and a touch of mocha.

Accolade Wines Marketing Director David White spoke on the MalbEcho Falls wine saying, “Malbec is seeing continued strong growth in the UK and is successfully attracting new shoppers to the red wine category. Echo Falls is perfectly placed to drive further category growth and consumer interest in Malbec as it is a brand of mass scale and popularity which gives consumers the confidence to try a new style of wine.’’


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