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AI-Driven Video Conferencing Upgrades

AI-Driven Video Conferencing Upgrades


AI-Driven Video Conferencing Upgrades

Aiming to capitalize on the increasing use of video conferencing platforms within the business and entrepreneurial sectors, Zoom teamed up with Ziotag Inc. to introduce content indexing features for recorded meetings. The proprietary product from Ziotag Inc. equips consumers with a powerful analytical and organizational tool to operationalize content from virtual meetings. The tool draws on Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition, to quickly locate content from these meetings.Ziotag Inc.’s new tool provides a precise AI-generated table of contents. This searchable index can be used internally to highlight key information or leveraged externally to share specific content. In addition, the tool preserves “incidental content” to ensure that critical concepts are not being lost after virtual meetings. Ziotag Inc.’s AI-powered tool is now available on the Zoom App Marketplace.Image Credit: Ziotag Inc.

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