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Anti-Bullying Social Updates

Anti-Bullying Social Updates


Anti-Bullying Social Updates

To make the popular social app a more friendly space, a few new TikTok features were launched, which include comment filters and prompts. The Filter All Comments feature gives creators the power to control the types of comments that appear on their videos. Once the feature is activated, creators have the power to review every comment before it actually appears on their video. They can view comments in the comment management tool, where they also have the ability to adjust their settings so that spam and comments that contain specific keywords are automatically filtered. TikTok is also hoping to prevent users from leaving hurtful and insensitive comments in the first place with its new comment prompts, which appear when words that violate its Community Guidelines appear. Users will be asked to reconsider their comment, and also have the option to edit it by clicking on the prompt.Image Credit: TikTok

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