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Anti-Plastic Consumption Campaigns : Your Plastic Diet

Anti-Plastic Consumption Campaigns : Your Plastic Diet


Anti-Plastic Consumption Campaigns : Your Plastic Diet


WWF and Grey Malaysia Partnered to Release ‘Your Plastic Diet’

According to WWF, people on average eat 5 grams of plastic weekly — to inform the public, WWF and Grey Malaysia have created an integrated campaign titled ‘Your Plastic Diet.’

The campaign seeks to visually allow viewers to understand the amount they are consuming. A plastic diet equates to a credit card a week, one dice a week, one pen a week, and a clothing hanger every three weeks. The plastics we consume daily never disappear, they simply get smaller and break down into microplastics. These microplastics are in our food, water, and air, making it unavoidable.

The effects of this plastic consumption are still unknown to us, however, it can’t be safe. ‘Your Plastic Diet’ campaign suggests that the responsibility is not solely on the consumer, but rather on corporations and legislation to implement sustainable products. The campaign urges the public to speak up and take a stand against single-use plastic.


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