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Artisanal Ready-to-Drink Milkshakes : premium milkshakes

Artisanal Ready-to-Drink Milkshakes : premium milkshakes


Artisanal Ready-to-Drink Milkshakes : premium milkshakes


The New Jude’s Premium Milkshakes are Nostalgically Indulgent

The new lineup of Jude’s premium milkshakes have been unveiled by the UK-based dairy brand as series of options for adult consumers that will offer them a mature way to enjoy the nostalgic taste of the childhood beverage.

The ready-to-drink milkshakes are canned for convenience and reported to have a flavor profile that isn’t overtly sweet to make them applicable for adult consumers. The drink lineup consists of three flavor options including Salted Caramel, Flat White Coffee and Chocolate.

The new Jude’s premium milkshakes were spoken on by Managing Director at Jude’s Chow Mezger who said, “We have designed these drinks to be as smooth and delicious as possible. We have been very conscious to get the right level of sweetness so that the flavors are balanced and people can enjoy the whole can in one sitting. This is a milkshake experience for grown-ups on the go; not too sweet, not to thick, just smooth and full of flavor. The aluminium cans are the perfect format for an on-the-go treat with their 100% recyclable credentials.”


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