Katz + Dogg is a New Brand That Was Launched by Richard Prince

A new cannabis line is on the block and it is launched by renowned artist Richard Prince who partners with 710 Labs to bring consumers goods that are directly influenced by creative sensibilities. The inaugural collection is compromised by pre-rolled joints, vape pens, and flowers.

The capsule is made available at high-end dispensaries, signaling that the cannabis line is meant for connoisseurs. 710 Labs introduces its Shire, Ice Cream Cake, and the OG, supplementing the DIY-style aesthetic of the packaging. Richard Prince’s drawings which adorn the boxes embrace a theme that is quite appropriate for the offerings.

In support of the Katz + Dogg inaugural cannabis line, DRx launches a range of upcycled signed kimonos that share design motifs with Prince’s illustrations.

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