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Book-Shaped Tampon Boxes : tampon book

Book-Shaped Tampon Boxes : tampon book


Book-Shaped Tampon Boxes : tampon book

The Tampon Book Shares Stories About Menstruation & Organic Tampons

The Tampon Book by Female Company is filled with 15 organic tampons and offers stories on the history of menstruation that span from ancient times to today, alongside artful illustrations. As part of its first run, the book quickly sold out within a day and the second run is proving to be just as high in demand.

The clever packaging design is more than just an aesthetically pleasing way to present an essential menstruation product, as the Tampon Book also offers a clever way to get around the region’s tampon tax. The subversive innovation from Female Company was created to take advantage of the fact that in the European nation, tampons are taxed at a rate of 19% as they are classified as non-essential items, while books are taxed at just 7%.

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