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Branded Esports Events : virtual esports event

Branded Esports Events : virtual esports event


Branded Esports Events : virtual esports event

American Eagle is sponsoring its first-ever virtual esports event, named Experiential Development for Gaming and Esports, or EDGE. The virtual esports event was created by VY Esports, which is a marketing company that operates in the gaming industry. The event will consist of people competing in ‘Madden NFL,’ which is a football game. The event will be hosted by Jess Brohard, who is a gaming influencer. Other famous individuals will take part in the event, including athletes, artists, and professional esports players. The list of attendees includes Derwin James, a player for the Los Angeles Chargers, Cam Akers, a player for the Los Angles Rams, YBN Nahmir, a rapper, as well as professional gamers form FaZe Clan, as well as Team Liquid.Image Credit: Jamie McInall / Pexels

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