The ‘On Mountain Hut’ is situated in a space of high altitude in Engadin, Switzerland. The activation is initiated by Zurich-based running brand On who wanted to connect consumers to nature. It is the “ultimate alpine getaway” and it sits at 2,500 meters above sea level.

To reach the “temporary minimalist eco-cabin,” one needs to embark on a two-hour hike “across technical alpine terrain.” This can be identified as a subtle, experiential marketing approach that also benefits the individual’s mindset through exercise and a wholesome experience of a mesmerizing outdoor landscape.

In addition, the trek to the ‘On Mountain Hut’ provides the brand with an opportunity to showcase its brand-new Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boot which is identified as being 35% lighter than its competitors on the market.

Photo Credits: Gregory Han, Anne Lutz, Thomas Stöckli

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