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Branded Pubic Hair Songs

Branded Pubic Hair Songs


Branded Pubic Hair Songs

In light of Gillette Venus’ launch of a full range of pubic hair products for women, the brand released ‘The Pube Song’ to celebrate the hairs that often go unappreciated. With the comedic song, which has been shared on the brand’s YouTube and Instagram channels, Venus aims to get rid of the stigma that surrounds pubic hair so that women can be more confident in talking about intimate grooming. As the brand shares, “77% of Canadian women* use slang terms to refer to their pubic area, instead of using correct anatomical terms,” and “44% of [them] say it’s less embarrassing to use slang terms for the pubic area.” In ‘The Pube Song,’ Venus tells the story of a pube who’s broken free of societal stigma, who flaunts her newfound confidence to the catchy tune.Image Credit: Gillette Venus

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