Birra Moretti is Offering Free Six-Course Meals for Guests

While there are plenty of restaurants that offer bring-your-own-wine deals to help diners save money, Birra Moretti is launching a Bring-Your-Own-Table restaurant concept in London’s Covent Garden for a limited time. The pop-up restaurant gives people the chance to enjoy a free six-course meal—so long as they provide their own place to eat the dinner upon.

The summer dinner experience gives people the chance to save their spot with an online draw. Those who don’t bring a table to seat themselves a few friends will have the option to place a £10 donation to Birra Moretti’s charity of choice, the Campaign to End Loneliness.

At the unconventional dining event, guests will be treated to plenty of Italian food and what will certainly be an unforgettable dining experience if they choose to transport their own table to and from the pop-up restaurant.

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