Jones Soda Debuted A Fizzy Cannabis Beverage in a Re-Branding Effort

As CBD-based products become more prevalent in the mainstream market, the beverage industry has entered the market with CBD-Infused sodas. A quarter of Jones Soda is now owned by Heavenly Rx, a “hemp focused subsidiary of SOL,” and is launching a new marketing initiative focused on CBD products.

CBD is becoming widely known for its medicinal benefits, and its anti-anxiety and depression-combating properties. “We believe that Heavenly Rx seeking out the Jones brand is a testament to our unique beverages that resonate well with consumers, and we expect their involvement will help accelerate future CBD-infused beverage brand development,” Jones Soda chief Jennifer Cue said in a statement.

The launch of CBD-infused sodas by Jones Soda speaks to the social temperate of society and the demand for more cannabis-based products.

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