Kellogg’s Created a Layered Dessert Made with Cake-Flavored Cereal Pieces

To properly celebrate the third birthday of its New York City Café, Kellogg’s created a limited-edition Froot Loops Birthday Cake flavor and a special cereal cake dessert for the occasion.

The Froot Loops Birthday Cake boasts a bright berry flavor and bright colors that reference the colors of the special edition boxed cereal and its avian mascot, Toucan Sam. For a few hours on its third birthday Kellogg’s New York City Café will be treating the first 113 guests—one for every year that Kellogg’s has been making cereal—will be treated to a free slice of cake made with Froot Loops Birthday Cake and Rice Krispies Treats, plus a cereal gift.

Away from the cafe, fans will also be able to enjoy the limited-edition strawberry birthday cake-flavored breakfast cereal.

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