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Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances

Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances


Celebrity-Backed Floral Fragrances

Kim Kardashian’s cosmetic brand KKW Fragrance partnered with famous florist Jeff Leatham to release the Jeff Leatham Collection of floral fragrances. The highlight of the collection, the perfume bottles themselves, have a pottery-like design featuring the creamy curves of clay creations. The bottles come in three terracotta colors: a gentle tan, a subtle gray, and a soft black. Due to the perfume bottles’ tapered necks, which can be removed to reveal the spray top, the perfume bottles double as decorative floral vases. The Jeff Leatham Collection comes in three floral flavors: ‘Desert Rose,’ ‘Jasmine Air,’ and ‘Night Iris.’ Each scent has a unique interplay of flowers and fruits, paying homage to Leatham’s background as a floral designer. Consumers can join a waitlist to get access to these new products.Image Credit: KKW

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