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Christina Medynska: “A beautiful smile gives credit of trust to its owner”


Christina Medynska: “A beautiful smile gives credit of trust to its owner”

Today our magazine had a conversation with talented dentist Christina Medynska, who had to move to Greece due to the war in Ukraine. But the girl does not give up and continues to develop and work. It was with her that we decided to talk about modern methods of dental care, the main threats to their health, and how to choose the right dental clinic.

dentist Christina Medynska

Hello Christina. Tell us, why did you choose the profession of a dentist for yourself?

I was a very curious child who loved medicine incredibly. I played with dolls and treated them, using folk methods of treatment that my mother used. Moreover, I had my own personal first aid kit in the corner of my room, and on the street, I handed out Vitamin C lozenges and hematogen to all children (Smiles). I think that from childhood, I had a gift for healing, which takes responsibility for the most beautiful thing on earth — human life.


What problems do your clients most often come to you with?

Most often, my patients come to me because of unbearable acute pain or for aesthetic reasons such as discolored enamel, restoration of front teeth, removal of dental plaque, and so on. I recommend that each of my patients go for a check-up at least once every six months. As it is known, one gram of prevention equals three kilograms of treatment.


In your opinion, what represents the main threat to dental health? Stress? Diet? Environment?

Currently, the main threat to dental health is stress, especially since the start of the military actions in Ukraine. Next on the list are improper oral hygiene and an unhealthy diet. Unfortunately, many people now eat fast food, abuse coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol, as well as smoke. Undoubtedly, this cannot but affect the state of the oral cavity. In addition, a lack of vitamins and minerals has a detrimental effect on the health of our teeth and the body as a whole.

Christina Medynska uses all new methods in stomatology

Do you apply only advanced techniques for dental treatment? Tell us more about them.

I approach the issue of preserving the integrity of the dental arch very carefully. Therefore, I offer my patients techniques based on the priority of preserving a living tooth. I always perform dental treatment with great precision, setting myself the important task of transmitting aesthetics and naturalness to the result. Thus, my modern materials and technologies contribute to the maximum imitation of natural enamel by structure, and teeth treated by me will not differ from others in their row.

I am also a certified specialist in teeth whitening. I use the newest and safest method of enamel whitening to date — Phillips Zoom 4 White Speed, which provides the best result in the shortest possible time without harm to the enamel and the tooth itself. Zoom 4 whitening provides a whitening of more than eight shades. Patients’ teeth become much brighter after just one 45-minute session. This is especially important for busy people who have a strong lack of time for several visits to the clinic.

The whitening process is suitable for people with sensitive enamel. Non-aggressive gels are used during the whitening process, which does not cause demineralization of the enamel. The effect of Zoom 4 whitening lasts for at least four years.

Doctor can be a friend

There are currently a lot of dental clinics. According to what principle should you choose a medical institution? Because a person who does not understand the specifics can only evaluate the “external” qualities: cost, service, and location. But we are sure that there are more significant nuances.

Many factors depend on the clinic and doctors that affect the treatment process and results. I would advise paying attention to whether the clinic has the following:

  1. Cleanliness, namely disinfection, pre-sterilization treatment, and sterilization of the instruments themselves.
  2. Use of modern equipment, which guarantees the absence of pain during any dental manipulations.
  3. Use of innovative painkillers, filling materials that provide an ideal match with the color of patients’ tooth enamel, high strength, and durability of fillings.
  4. Providing comfort during dental treatment, namely the absence of pain, fear, and discomfort. After all, every patient dreams of such a service.
  5. Ability to solve almost any dental problem competently.

It is also worth adding that the behavior of the doctor with the patient and the doctor’s treatment tactics play an important role. The doctor must give you several options for treating your problem and explain the advantages of each in detail.

When choosing a clinic, do not rely solely on attractive prices. Pay attention to customer reviews. And, of course, a good doctor must constantly develop professionally.

Christina Medynska constantly develop professionally

As we know, many of your patients recommend you as a specialist to their friends and family. What’s the secret to your popularity?

My secret to popularity is that my patients relax in my dental chair. Not only do I offer impeccable service and quality treatment, but I also become a great friend.

If a patient comes for the first time, extremely nervous before the visit, then this person later relaxes with me during the appointment and undergoes treatment very easily. Furthermore, the range of my dental services is very wide – three-stage professional hygiene, aesthetic restorations, different types of treatments, prosthetics, and certified top teeth whitening. I apply only the highest quality modern techniques to ensure the health, beauty, and longevity of snow-white smiles.

Agree, the importance of a beautiful smile is difficult to overestimate. It gives credit of trust to its owner. Influential, successful, popular people use their perfect white smile as a business card.


It is impossible to overlook the war in Ukraine. February 24 was a shocking day for the whole world, and every Ukrainian has their own story of the first day of the war. What was yours?

February 24 became a turning point in the history of the entire civilized world. Until the last moment, it was incredibly difficult to believe what was happening.

On that day, I woke up feeling uneasy, and when I turned on the TV, I heard that Russian troops had started military action on the territory of Ukraine. It took me two weeks to decide to leave the country to protect myself and my loved ones. Seeing the shelling and mass evacuation of residents in my city, I realized that we also needed to evacuate.

That February morning forever changed the weekdays of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the sign “Quarantine” was replaced by the phrase “Caution! Mines!”, and the only faith became a firm faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to whom I want to express enormous gratitude for their courage and bravery.

Christina Medynska loves her work

How has your life changed since the start of the war?

Undoubtedly, everything has changed. I no longer put my life on hold for tomorrow and enjoy every day. I have also rethought my values. Previously, we always thought that we needed to support our relatives, friends, and colleagues. But today, my loved ones and I help completely unknown people.

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