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City Skyline Beverage Branding : Snapple branding

City Skyline Beverage Branding : Snapple branding


City Skyline Beverage Branding : Snapple branding


The New Snapple Branding Highlights its New York City Roots

The new Snapple branding has been unveiled to pay homage to the brands metropolitan roots and convey a sense of playful wonder for consumers to enjoy. The branding highlights the New York City roots of the beverage and consists of product names transformed using skyscraper imagery to convey a cosmopolitan look. The branding will be observed across seven variants and helps the beverages to pop off the shelves with vibrant, crisp imagery that has an inherently cheery aesthetic.

The new Snapple branding helps to modernize the packaging for the beverage and make it applicable consumers who are looking for a refreshingly hip drink to pick up in favor of other options on the market. The branding also addresses consumer demand for products with more authenticity by highlighting the company’s roots.


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