The Volvic Coffee Drinks are Positioned as an Iced Tea Alternative

The Volvic Coffee drinks have been launched by Danone Germany as a new refreshment option that seeks to balance the flavors of coffee with fruit for a tasty alternative to traditional iced tea.

Made with a base of mineral water, the drinks come in three flavor options including Robusta & Blackcurrant, Mocha & Lemon and Arabica & Passion Fruit Lychee. Each one of the drinks are free from artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners, and contain just 25 calories per serving.

The Volvic Coffee drinks are all packaged in reusable PET bottles that encourage consumers to refill them with water after they have finished the beverage to extend the life of the packaging. The drinks are available now across Germany at retailers including Wasgau, Edeka, Globus, HIT and REWE.

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