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Colorful Candy Marketing Strategies

Colorful Candy Marketing Strategies


Colorful Candy Marketing Strategies

To celebrate the new re-release of its wildly popular Chewy line, SweeTARTS®—”the iconic candy brand [that is] known for its mouthwatering balance of sweet and tart fruity flavors”—has initiated an all-encompassing candy marketing campaign. The company has partnered with “TikTok content-creating queen” Flossybaby to encourage followers and Chewy lovers alike to show their love for the chewy SweeTARTS candies. Consumers will have the chance to enter a contest to win an exclusive first look at the future product innovation, a year’s supply of the new and improved Chewy SweeTARTS, and an honorary title of “CEO of Chewy SweeTARTS.” The contest ends on June 7th. The three multi-sensory products in SweeTARTS®’ portfolio include the SweeTARTS Mini Chewy, the SweeTARTS Chewy Extreme Sours, and the SweeTARTS Giant Chewy.Image Credit: SweeTARTS

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