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Community-Focused Bank Cafes

Community-Focused Bank Cafes


Community-Focused Bank Cafes

The ImaginCafe by CaixaBank is a multi-functional cultural space for millennials to create and connect with each other in a relaxed environment. The three-storey cafe, located in the heart of Barcelona, is a creativity-focused space attached to ImaginBank–a mobile-only bank that is targeted toward young consumers. The ImaginCafe by CaixaBank has an innovative interior that looks trendy and modern. The space is designed for accessible collaboration and social interaction with its open concept plan, bright lighting, and multiplicity of seating options. The cultural center regularly hosts online and offline activities, including live performances and workshops. Members of ImaginBank get exclusive access to benefits and events within the space, providing youth with a social incentive to sign up. The ImaginCafe by CaixaBank makes extensive use of social media and online event tools, further expanding the reach and mission of ImaginBank while celebrating and supporting youth.Image Credit: The Crece Agency

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