FanDuel, the fantasy sports platform, recently launched the new ‘More Ways to Win’ campaign through two separate commercials — ‘Toupee’ and ‘Armrest Battle.’

The former video, Toupee, focuses on a football fan in a stadium restroom whose toupee keeps blowing askew due to an overzealous hand dryer. Another fan walks by and loudly exclaims “I knew it,” however, rather than pointing out the wig, the fan is referring to the winning team of the game, ending the scene by saying “If you know it, bet it.”

The latter video, Armrest Battle, focuses on two passengers sitting side-by-side aboard an airplane. The two are struggling to overtake one another for possession of the previous armrest. One of the characters states: “I wish there were more ways to win at this” while the other explains the ways to win with FanDuel’s fantasy season.

The competitive, male-focused campaign seeks to use humor and relatable situations to connect with a broader demographic of consumers.

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