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Connected Bottle Caps : smart caps

Connected Bottle Caps : smart caps


Connected Bottle Caps : smart caps


Malibu’s Smart Caps Integrate NFC Tech to Link Consumers to Content

Malibu has been using interactive NFC tags on its rum bottles for several years now and it is now introducing smart caps for its Connected Bottle that instantly connect consumers to a mobile game. The limited-edition Connected Bottle is designed with caps that integrate NFC technology and a QR code on the neck of the bottle. By scanning the QR code or tapping the NFC component, consumers are able to quickly access a link to an interactive mobile game.

The Malibu-branded game can be played for a chance to win merchandise from the brand, as well as instantly access cocktail recipes and other content from the rum brand.

As Troy Gorczyca, Malibu Brand Director, describes: “What’s exciting about this launch is how we’re leveraging our iconic bottle, something consumers are familiar with, and developing a more meaningful, digital conversation with our customer at the point of sale.”


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