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Crunchy Topping Cereals

Crunchy Topping Cereals


Crunchy Topping Cereals

Fans of Carvel Ice Cream’s chocolate Crunchies were treated to individual boxes of the dessert topping as a limited-edition breakfast cereal. The crunchy chocolate cookie pieces have a chocolate shell for added crunch and they’re known for adding layer to the brand’s ice cream cakes, or topping off soft serve. Introduced for April Fool’s Day, the treat was created and shared to delight fans who say “they want to experience Crunchies in new ways.”Although many products created for April Fool’s Day are never fully realized, Crunchies Cereal was released as a limited-edition treat through Carvel shops and food delivery platforms. In recent years, some of the outrageous ideas that brands have come up with for April Fool’s Day have later gone on to become real products as a result of immense consumer demand.

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