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Cultural Legacy Ads : MassMutual

Cultural Legacy Ads : MassMutual


Cultural Legacy Ads : MassMutual


This MassMutual Commercial Celebrates Building Something That Lasts

This MassMutual insurance ad chronicles an Asian-American business owner who wishes to carry on her father’s legacy regardless of past hurdles and challenges. The commercial’s lead speaks about her family’s ice cream shop — opened by her father in 1977 — and recounts working and helping her family as a child while most others her age played.

The woman speaks about broken windows, break-ins and other challenges of the past and states that “it’s a gift to carry on her father’s joy” while captured with her own daughter and father.

With a slogan like “offering the protection to help dreams carry on,” MassMutual spotlights its insurance services that aim to protect one’s business and legacy. This specific ad boasts emotional undertones and celebrates togetherness, family and hard work.


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