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Daniel Povey, fired Johns Hopkins prof, declines Facebook work offer

Facebook hires Daniel Povey, fired Johns Hopkins professor


Daniel Povey, fired Johns Hopkins prof, declines Facebook work offer


Facebook told CNBC it has hired Daniel Povey, a speech recognition researcher who was fired this week from Johns Hopkins University.

Dan Povey

Fired Johns Hopkins professor Daniel Povey will not work for Facebook after all, he told CNBC on Friday.

In May, Povey used bolt cutters to attempt to forcibly enter one of the school’s buildings that had been occupied by student protesters. The school informed him of his termination earlier this month. Afterwards, Povey published a note on his website in which he suggested that he was let go partly because he was a white man while the protesting students were minorities.

Povey was slated to start working on speech recognition for Facebook out of the company’s Seattle office next Monday. But on Thursday, Facebook placed conditions on the hire that Povey didn’t accept.

Specifically, Facebook told him that he could work as a contractor for six weeks without permission to come onto Facebook’s property, Povey wrote in a note on his website. A full-time offer would be contingent on the results of a Facebook “investigation into what happened,” Povey wrote.

“I declined that offer,” Povey wrote in a note on his website.

When Johns Hopkins fired him, Povey posted a letter on his web site that included the line, “White males in this environment seem to be expected to constantly atone for their existence by telegraphing their exclusive concern for every demographic group but their own, like a neutered puppy-dog or some Justin Trudeau man-child.”

Povey said he knew that writing such a letter could cost him his job with Facebook.

“Everyone around me was begging me to take it down,” Povey wrote on Friday. “But I said, how can I tell others to man up and then be a coward myself?”

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.

Povey told CNBC he will likely seek employment from a foreign-owned company or a start-up.

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