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Deli-Themed Chickpea Dips : Everything Bagel Hummus

Deli-Themed Chickpea Dips : Everything Bagel Hummus


Deli-Themed Chickpea Dips : Everything Bagel Hummus

The Everything Bagel Hummus is a a new creation from retailer Aldi that will offer curious foodies with a way to enhance their favorite bagel varieties and snacks. The hummus is infused with a number of flavors including garlic, onion, sesame seeds, salt, pepper, poppy seeds and more to help make it a flavorful addition to a snack or meal. The product builds on the recent popularity of everything bagel-flavored spices and foods as consumers become more interested in familiar yet unexpected flavors showing up in different ways.The Everything Bagel Hummus contains 60 calories per serving, and is a more savory and satisfying option that could help to make breakfast meals more filling than usual thanks to its protein-rich profile.Image Credit: Aldi

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