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Denys Sokoriev: Creating Quality Content for a Children’s Audience


Denys Sokoriev: Creating Quality Content for a Children’s Audience

Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Denys Sokoriev, who has demonstrated that it is always possible to change your life and achieve success in a new field. Previously working as a machinist assistant in the railway transport industry, Denys made the decision to change his profession and embark on a career in content creation. Presently, he serves as the accomplished Content Production & Operation Manager of the popular Vlad&Niki YouTube channel for children. Denys oversees every stage of video production, from conceptualization to editing, as well as providing content localization for distribution to different countries. The channel is available in 18 languages. Denys serves as an example that bold and deliberate decisions, coupled with hard work, can lead to remarkable outcomes. He will enlighten us about his path to success and the behind-the-scenes moments involved in creating children’s content.

 Content Production & Operation Manager Vlad&Niki youtube chanel

How did you start working as the Content Production & Operation Manager for the Vlad&Niki channel?

My journey as the Content Production & Operation Manager for the Vlad&Niki channel began after I relocated to Dubai. Initially, I worked as a freelancer, organizing holidays and producing content for various advertising and film companies. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to meet Sergey and Victoria, the parents of YouTubers “Vlad & Niki”. I joined their company as a full-time employee, contributing to the production of children’s content. They were searching for a production manager who could aid in the development and creation of content and design production sets to elevate “Vlad&Niki” to the next level. After several fruitful years of collaboration, I was invited to relocate with the company from Dubai to the United States to continue working for them and contribute to the success and growth of the Vlad&Niki media channel.

How do you select topics for videos on the Vlad&Niki channel?

Our topic selection process involves careful consideration of uniqueness and analysis of the market to ensure exclusivity. We establish a content plan that encompasses creative and engaging topics. Development and interesting ideas are thoroughly thought out and selected. Following this, we conduct an internal analysis of content promotion and quality perception, all while adhering to the prescribed parameters for our target children’s audience. Subsequently, the chosen topic undergoes the development of a synopsis in collaboration with the creative team.

What are the steps involved in producing a single video, from idea to publication?

The process of producing a single video, from idea to publication, comprises several exciting steps.

  • Firstly, an idea takes shape, but it remains an abstract concept until it is visualized and put into action. To transform an idea into reality, we begin by developing synopses and engaging in brainstorming sessions with the client and the creative team. During these meetings, we discuss goals, objectives, opportunities, timelines, and budgets for the project.
  • Next, the pre-production phase commences, involving preparatory work. This includes script and project plan creation, formation of the film crew, selection of equipment and sets, casting, and scouting suitable locations. All these preparations are made to ensure optimal conditions for filming.
  • Once pre-production is complete, the video production phase begins. This entails setting up the set, rehearsing with actors, arranging props, and ensuring proper lighting. Filming then commences, capturing every moment of the idea and transforming it into a vivid video.
  • After the filming process concludes, post-production, the final phase, begins. This stage involves cleaning up the set and props, and the cameramen hand over the files to the editing team. Editors then take charge of crafting the final video.
  • Finally, the completed material is handed over to the publishing team and released on YouTube or other platforms for a wide audience to enjoy.

Video production is not merely a meticulous and responsible process; it is also an exhilarating adventure filled with creativity, acting and a passion for the art. From the initial idea conceived in the imagination to the moment the video captivates attention and draws viewers into the digital world, the process of creating a video is a significant and distinctive moment in the creative journey.

Denys Sokorev proved that it is always possible to change your life and achieve success in a new field

What skills are necessary to be a successful Content Production & Operation Manager for a children’s YouTube channel, particularly given its immense popularity? 

Choosing the best video format and organizing the filming process are complex and demanding tasks that require experience and a passion for turning ideas into reality of video production. These tasks can only be accomplished by seasoned professionals.

The ability to manage the filming process, conduct rehearsals, and collaborate with the artistic staff to maintain the project’s concept throughout is a crucial skill.

Some key skills required for these tasks include:

  1. Leadership skills and effective communication and negotiation abilities with the team, fostering a harmonious and productive atmosphere on set.
  2. The desire to integrate various project elements into a cohesive whole necessitates creativity and a holistic perspective.
  3. Creativity, attention to detail, and an awareness of the world around you enable the creation of visually striking images while considering the interests of the target audience, especially children.
  4. High resilience to stress and emotional endurance. The filming process can be intense and require swift decisions, so maintaining composure and focus even in challenging situations is vital.

Utilizing these skills, in conjunction with experience and a passion for the creative process, will help achieve a high level of video production quality.

How do you tackle the challenge of creating content for a young audience that is constantly evolving and demands high-quality material?

Our approach is founded on several key factors. Firstly, we remain open to new ideas and draw inspiration from various sources to create something unique. However, the primary factor contributing to our success is emotion. We strive to establish an emotional connection with our viewers, the children’s audience. This connection is reflected in the number of views and likes, which build audience trust and motivate us to generate new ideas and valuable content. Our results speak for themselves, and I am thrilled to work in such a creative field and position where I can contribute to content creation for children.

Content Production & Operation Manager for a children's YouTube channel

Do you employ data analytics and viewer feedback to enhance content and its marketing?

Certainly, we place great importance on data analytics and viewer feedback, particularly when it comes to creating content for young audiences. We actively analyze view results and comments to discern which content resonates most and satisfies the interests of our audience. This information is invaluable to us and helps improve our children’s content and optimize its promotion. We aim to assist Vlad&Niki in establishing an emotional connection with their viewers, which is evident through their reactions and engagement. We always welcome fresh ideas and strive to offer content that is both useful and interesting to children.


How do you tackle the challenge of retaining viewers’ attention in a world where content is readily available in various genres, with numerous channels and platforms competing for viewers?

We don’t believe in chasing viewers. It is important to be authentic in any environment. Vlad and Nikita possess charisma, bring fun to their videos, and have a promising future. We endeavor to support their preferences and build upon their unique shooting style and the personality of their YouTube channel. Our team is not hindered from exploring new concepts for kids, and when we witness followers embracing our ideas and manifestations on the YouTube platform, it further inspires us to create innovative videos that set us apart from others.


How do you believe children’s YouTube channels can influence children’s development, and what is your perspective on the responsibility you hold in this process?

I firmly believe that all areas and activities that impact children have the potential to shape their development. As such, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we bear in this process. We recognize that children are the future of our world, and therefore, we strive to create content that contributes positively to their growth. Our team meticulously monitors various statistics, conducts specialized analyses, and adheres to relevant regulations to not only produce engaging videos but also to offer educational content that aligns with the formative, developmental, and awareness needs of our young audience. These principles guide us not only on YouTube but also in our lives as a whole.


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