For all the adventurous drinkers out there, the Vodka Mudshake might prove to be a product that spikes curiosity and delivers on taste. Marketed as the “Dessert you Drink,” the beverage speaks to a culture which is increasingly concerned with indulgence and novelty. Moreover, the fact that the Vodka Mudshakes are pre-bottled offers another layer of convenience for those who would like to take their alcoholic adventure on-the-go.The Vodka Mudshake can be enjoyed chilled, heated, or as an addition to a dessert. Originating from New Zealand, the beverage comes in Creamy Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut Ganache, as well as Egg Nogg. While the Hazelnut Ganache surely satisfies the more adventurous consumers, the Chocolate and Vanilla cater to more classic preferences, and the Egg Nogg, of course, is for those who have caught the festive spirit.Image Credit: Independent Distillers Canada

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