Unilever’s New Packaging Makes Black Plastic Recyclable

Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever is making black plastic packaging more sustainable with a new solution that makes the material detectible and recyclable. Currently, most black plastics feature high carbon content levels that prevent their detection by recycling sorting systems which run on infra-red technology.

Unilever addresses this environmental challenge with a new line of black plastic packaging, created for its TRESemme and Lynx brands and set to roll out by the end of the year. The project is the result of a collaboration with “RECOUP, WRAP and waste management giants Veolia, SUEZ, Viridor and TOMRA who joined forces to develop a plastics colouring solution with a lower carbon content.”

The new colouring solution ensures visibility and detection, making environmentally harmful packaging more sustainable for large scale manufacturers.

Image Credit: Unilveer

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