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Digital Sportswear Experiences

Digital Sportswear Experiences


Digital Sportswear Experiences

Nike collaborated with Spanish clothing label sivasdescalzo (SVD) for the Nike Spring 2021 ACG collection and it was revealed in a digital way that allows for virtual exploration in an imaginative setting. Appealing to digital explorers, the experience shows off everything from jackets and vests to cargo pants and hiking sneakers in a setting that resembles Crater Lake at Oregon’s national park.The Spring 2021 All Conditions Gear collection is best viewed with a virtual reality headset, which will give people the best chance to appreciate the garments rendered in 3D. The digital scene fuses the familiar with the fantastical, as the natural inspiration is enhanced with surreal elements like neon caves and holographic cones, to truly make the most of what’s possible with the aid of technology.

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