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Dmitry Krupenko, business expert and experienced finance coach

Dmitry Krupenko will help you to conquer financial markets


Dmitry Krupenko, business expert and experienced finance coach

Dmitry Krupenko is a professional trader who has been trading independently in the financial markets for more than 5 years. Now he advises clients on profitable investments and heads the branch of The Stock Market Technology Center Group of Companies in Kiev (Ukraine). 

“The backbone of successful trading is a detailed analysis,” says Dmitry Krupenko. He was one of the first business experts to analyse the market in the summer of 2016 and correctly predict the fall of the British pound before the results of the referendum on Brexit were announced.

Dmitry’s efforts help people to succeed in trading in financial markets. His clients earn an average of at least 3% per month, depending on the projects they work with and the trading strategies they use.

Dmitry Krupenko, the financier, says: “You shouldn’t make hasty decisions in the financial market”.

Follow the recommendations from Dmitry Krupenko, an experienced business expert

The practising trader and leader in his profession says- “The crucial thing is not to overload your account when trading in financial markets”. To make that possible, Dmitry Krupenko advises using the basic rules of money management. All transactions must be well considered and they must comply with all trading rules. This theoretical framework can be obtained during your personal consultation with Dmitry or through comprehensive training at the Stock Market Technology Center.

Dmitry Krupenko, the business expert, has trained over 300 clients who are now successful in trading and investing thanks to his analytical developments. Over the last 5 years, the financier has designed more than 20 trading strategies and investment techniques. He constantly accumulates new knowledge and tracks vital information to share with everyone who strives for a high passive income. Dmitry’s contribution to better financial education involves not only a regular training program for all, but also informative articles in the media and, of course, his personal, professional advice. His achievements were recognized and awarded when he entered The Top 100 Men Ukraine Is Proud Of in the “Science and Education” category.  

Acquire a unique education in financial markets.

Dmitry Krupenko is a business expert who is ready to teach investment and trading

Dmitry Krupenko is a financier who has conducted about 100 seminars on financial literacy, where he focuses on budget planning, as well as the basics of trading. Dmitry Krupenko holds his workshops free of charge at the Stock Market Technology Center in Kiev (Ukraine). “In my opinion, trading in the financial market is the most demanding and promising area today,” says Dmitry Krupenko. When it comes to practice, the financier uses the symbiosis of basic theory, the latest technology, and emotionless trading. He received many positive reviews from his clients which are available on Dmitry Krupenko’s personal website. Here you can also sign up for a personal consultation with the expert and read his articles, where he reveals important issues in his specialist industry of financial markets.

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