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Dragon-Like Chocolate Packaging : QUETZAL

Dragon-Like Chocolate Packaging : QUETZAL


Dragon-Like Chocolate Packaging : QUETZAL

Dankey Daithankar Designs the QUETZAL Playful Packaging

QUETZAL is a dark chocolate product packaged in a design that is inspired by Aztec culture and artwork, rooting back to where chocolate came from. The Aztecs believed that the cacao bean was a heavenly gift to humans from ‘Quetzalcoatl,’ a feathery serpent god.

The packaging of QUETZAL imitates that concept through an interactive experience where the chocolates are individually packaged and come out of the dragon’s mouth. There is a playful element to this design, layering the gold-packaged chocolates on the unwinding tongue of the dragon-shaped box. On the end of the tongue’s pull tab, it reads “please pull gently otherwise, I will bite!” The single served dark chocolates are unveiled when the front of the dragon’s mouth is opened.

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