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Endgame’ still short of ‘Avatar’ box office record

Endgame could dethrone Avatar with $3 billion box office


Endgame’ still short of ‘Avatar’ box office record


Avengers Endgame

Source: Marvel Studios.

Despite a big push from Disney this weekend,  “Avengers: Endgame” remains $26 million shy of the record for highest-grossing film of all time.

On Friday Marvel Studios began showing a new theatrical release of the film with a special tribute, a deleted scene and a teaser for “Spider-Man: Far From Home” at the end of the credits. While the company was able to garner an estimated $5.5 million this weekend in the U.S. and another $2.3 million abroad, it wasn’t enough to surpassed the record $2.78 billion that “Avatar ” has earned since its release in 2009.

“Endgame,” which was originally released April 26, has earned around $2.76 billion globally so far.

The additional content seemed like an enticing lure for fans, however it seems the six minutes of footage wasn’t enough to bring them back with the same fervor as opening weekend.

Some fans on social media said that the extra footage wasn’t a big enough addition for them to spend money on a ticket or sit through the three hour long film again. Many said they would wait for the movie to be released on DVD and BluRay to see the deleted scene as well as the other bonus content.

Had deleted content been finished and inserted into the film as a directors’ cut or extended cut, more fans may have ventured to the theater this weekend. 

Still, there were plenty of fans who were more than happy to revisit the film again more than two months after its debut.

To be sure, “Endgame” isn’t done just yet. It still has a chance to surpass “Avatar.” The film will continue to run in theaters for most, if not all of the summer. After all, “Avatar” ran for 234 days during its first run (the film got a rerelease in 2010). “Endgame” has been in theaters for less than 70 days.

Of course, “Endgame” still has a number of hurdles to face on its way to the top spot. The summer box office is very competitive, with new releases every weekend. Not to mention,  “Endgame” has a lot of emotional — some would argue gut-wrenching — moments that could make repeat viewings difficult even for the biggest of fans. And then there is that three hour run time.


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