The New Tipplesworth Passion Fruit Martini is Balanced

The Tipplesworth Passion Fruit Martini cocktail mixer has been unveiled by the UK-based brand after six months of development as a new product that is sure to suit the preferences of mixology connoisseurs.

The drink is made with a blend of passion fruit, pineapple, guava and lime along with balanced notes of vanilla and marshmallow. To craft the perfect cocktail with the mixer, the product only needs to be paired with vodka, shaken with ice and strained into a martini glass. The mixer could also be mixed up without alcohol for a high-quality virgin cocktail that’s perfect for summertime consumption.

The Tipplesworth Passion Fruit Martini cocktail mixer was boasted by founder Frankie Snobel who said, “We’re so excited to be launching our passion fruit martini just in time for the summer cocktail season. We know the pornstar martini is the UK’s most popular cocktail (with over 14% of the market share) so it made sense for us to add our delicious twist to this cocktail classic.”

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