The Prevail Small Batch Beef Jerky is Free from Preservatives

The Prevail Small Batch Beef Jerky is an artisan lineup of snacks that provide consumers with an alternative product to choose in favor of mainstream options presently available on the market.

The snack is made with grass-fed beef and smoked with cherrywood to impart a distinct flavor that supports the additional tasting notes that are added on top. This includes flavors such as cardamom and matcha to achieve such varieties as Original, Umami, Spicy and Lemongrass Sichuan.

The Prevail Small Batch Beef Jerky snacks are completely free of gluten, added nitrates and nitrites, soy and GMO ingredients. This enables the product to be perfect for consumers seeking a free-from snack variety and those who follow diets such as Keto and Paleo.

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