Scotties® Represents Softness With a New Brand Mascot Named Scottie

Scotties®, Canada’s #1 facial tissue is getting a makeover thanks to its new brand mascot, an adorable puppy appropriately named Scottie. The puppy is the new face of the tissue brand and is representative of “softness and strength” — two traits that are synonymous with Scotties® products.

Unveiled alongside a revamped logo, the new brand mascot is part of Scotties® updated and integrated marketing campaign which aims to grow consumer loyalty. The adorable puppy has already been featured in a recent television ad by the brand and will be gracing marketing on its social channels, print ads as well as its in-store creative displays.

Scotties® decision to rebrand illustrates the company’s desire to leave a more lasting impression on consumers and speaks to the brand’s growing social media presence and its mascot’s viral appeal.

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