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Free Beverage Companies

Free Beverage Companies


Free Beverage Companies

FreeWater makes eco-friendly, BPA-free products that double as a new kind of advertising medium, since advertisers have the option to distribute the water for free or sell the beverage for profit. FreeWater is paid for by ads that are printed directly onto its paper cartons and aluminum bottles and it uses both B2B and B2C models. The interactive product packaging from the free beverage company gives advertisers the ability to link content via conntected CR codes, so that consumers can easily claim coupons, watch videos, receive news, order food, download music, register to vote, immerse themselves in augmented reality, play games and much more. FreeWater’s paradigm-shifting marketing concept promises to disrupt the food and beverage industry, and it’s just the first that founder Josh Cliffords plans to make free with the support of advertising.

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